We analyze sounds using AI technology

Patent-backed sound AI technology

Most advanced deep learning technology for audio event detection and context recognition

Production-level Accuracy

Our solutions are built over 14,000 GB audio datasets that we have gathered from real home environments. It works perfectly even in noisy home environments

Real-time Audio Detection

Our deep learning model immediately detects audio events even in resource constrained devices. Improve customer experience with our real-time audio analysis technology

Easy and Fast Integration

Try our audio API in your mobile apps, IoT devices, web services, and any other products you already have without any additional cost

AI for human voice and home sounds

Our sound AI technology is designed for human voice and home sounds

Understanding the situation by just hearing the sound

People can understand the context by just listening the sound. Baby crying, dog barking, wind blowing, laughing... In the real-world, there are so much information that cannot be converted into text. With Deeply Audio AI solution, you can analyze and utilize the audio context information which text-based AI solutions cannot analyze.

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Trusted by great partners

Facebook Accelerator

As a member of the first batch of Facebook Accelerator in Asia region, we had the opportunity to introduce our products in Facebook developer conference (F8) in 2019

Google for Startups

We joined Google for Startups batch program in 2019, and we have been supported by experts and advisors in Google


We provide our audio AI technology for voice-based sentiment recognition system to LG CNS

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We have a lot of experience to detect special sounds in house, cars, factories, and other various environments.
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